Top 10 Best Spots to Meditate & Relax in Tokyo

Happy Meditation – 10 Best Meditation Spots in Tokyo

Tokyo is one of the most busy and populated cities in the world. However, still there are so many beautiful spots for meditaion in Tokyo as follows:

1. Meiji Shrine (明治神宮)

It is located in the Shibuya and Harajuku area where are the young people’s gother. It is one of the large shrines in Tokyo, so you can spend there for walking meditation and relax from trees and nature. Top 10 meditation spots

2. Shibujuku Gyoen National Park (新宿御苑)

This is close to the Meiji Shrine, the other side across Yamanote lines. Actually, it is not free admission, but it is only 200 yen, so you can enjoy cerenety in the center of Tokyo. Top 10 meditation spots

3. Kyu Shiba Rikyu Garden (浜離宮)

Facing the Tokyo bay, it is a very large garden so you can spend at least half day here and enjoying Japanese tea at the Japanese traditional type cottege even it is not free admission, it is 300 yen that is not wasteing money.

4. Koraku Park (小石川後楽園)

It is adjacent to the Tokyo dome, which is a base of the Tokyo Giants professional baseball team. Even close to the baseball dome, it is one of quietest gardens in Tokyo.

5. Hibiya Park (日比谷公園)

Even it is a free park but there is a Japanese garden inside there is very beautiful to meditate and relax.

6. Japanese Garden Shinagawa


7. Tokyo shoshinkan

It has a nice hall with a so nice music thant you can meditate there. Also a vibration is very different from outside. You can feel light and inspiration from the other dimension.

8. Ikegami Honmon Temple

9. Tokyo Daijingu Shrine

This shrine is not a big shrine, but it is good for the person who needs a rest during his trip in the middle of the Tokyo, because it provides free WiFi so that you can check mails and sites after relaxing and meditation.

10. Sengaku Temple