Awful Season

Today I sensed the pollen of cedder because my nose get sneezed. It means the season of pollen allergy starts again from today for me.

When I was in the US, I hadn’t had so much this kind of heavy allergy. But in Japan, Japanese pollen of cedder are too annoying for me. I cannot breathe at night while sleeping. Daytime I have running nose all day and headache by a small fever. It is now the worst season starting.

How can I avoid this unpleasant season? Some of my friends said they have cured their hay fever by some food or tea, I have tried these but none of them were worked. Also my wife is much worse than me. She can hardly open her eyes sometimes. Compared to my wife, I am still better, however, this season is terrible period for me.

According to the Master Okawa’s spiritual book, if you have a pollen allergy, that means you don’t get along with nature. That is why you have some conflict with them. Love nature, get along with them.

I personally love nature, mountain, forest, ocean.

But it doesn’t work for me. Maybe I am a tech guy than country boy.

Anyway, monkeys never have a hay fever, we never see them running nose by pollens. We, modern people have to think about fairy, spirit of tree, flowers that they are living. I will try it and some day if I could understand their feeling well, my nose is not running by pollens, I hope so.

We, human are so egoistic, we don’t care about them, we built our house, golf course and leisure land for our fun.

We have to be kind to the nature that are still living.

That is reminded by this crucial season for me.