Romantic Fraud

Here is some today’s news. “Fukuoka and Saitama prefectural police said on Wednesday that four men of the Nigerian and Cameroon residing in the Kanto area arrested by the conduct that they pretended as a US military official who cheated money from a woman by behaving loving them. It seems that it is a technique called “international romance fraud” that cheats cash by causing illusion as if there is a relationship, and both prefectural police search for multiple related places to find them.”

In Japan, these kinds of crime have been increasing. For example, we have had the crime that Chinese theft group went to suburb to steal money from the unlocked house. Sometime they murdered house members.

Japan is still one of the very safe countries in the world. I think crime rate is still not so high in the development countries and an arrest rate by police is very high.

But now we have many foreign people coming into Japan, as well as other countries we have such problems now.

Population of Japan has been decreasing gradually so we need those foreigners to maintain population. We don’t need “walls” like some President claims because we are surrounded by the seas. However, we need some policy and security in order to open our country for foreigners.

We need to adjust for the future that we accept more people coming in.

As becoming an international country we have to change some Japanese system but also we have to keep Japanese traditional culture, too. Otherwise we lose wonderful nationality as Japanese.