Adapt to the Future

Sumo is a national sports of Japan. To be a Yokozuna, which is the highest rank of its hierarchy is one of the honors in the sumo world.

Recently, we hadn’t had a Japanese Yokozuna for many years, even it is a national sports of Japan. But Kisenosato, who is a Japanese became a Yokozuna first time since 1997 in 2017 while four Mongolians have become a Yokozuna between 1997 to 2007.

However, Yokozuna Kisenosato has decided to retire after suffering his third straight defeat on Jan. 15 at the New Year Grand Sumo Tournament, his stablemaster, Tagonoura, said Jan. 16 because Kisenosato still set a record for eight straight defeats in the ring from the last year.

Once you become a Yokozuna, you don’t lose your position, that means if you lose so much you don’t go down to the lower rank instead you have to leave from a position of Yokozuna.

Kisenosato has become a Yokozuna only a couple of years ago, actually he had been in the Yokozuna position only a few tournaments.

It is very hard if you are in this competitive world such as this kind of sports world.

Kisenosato have had serious injury after he became a Yokozuna. When I was in high school I was playing a baseball, it was always I had something that I was bothered by injuries and pains in some parts such as a hand, shoulder, and legs.

You cannot avoid from these issues. Every player has such problems. So if you overcome them, you can continue to play as a good player.

Once you reached some high position but if you can solve these difficulties or setbacks, you lose it very soon. To attain higher rank is not always good unless you prepare fully for all these matters that bother you.