Learning Truths

Today I saw the news of the Bezos’ divorce. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and his wife, MacKenzie, announced Wednesday their plan to divorce.

Divorce is nowadays very common but this news has some impact in the world.

Through this case, I checked the divorce rate in Japan. My guess first is that the rate of Japanese one is close to the USA’s one. Probably it is close to fifty percent, maybe forty eight percent. That is my guess.

According to the Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry, the following is the answer: “The divorce rate in Japan is considerably less than in United States but is growing. About one in three Japanese marriages end in divorce, four times the rate in the 1950s and double the rate in the 1970s. The divorce rate has slowed, partly because fewer couples are getting married to begin with.

253,353 couples were divorced—which works out to one divorce every two minutes and four seconds—and 708,000 were married in 2010. A population survey report by the ministry shows the number of divorce cases in 2009 was about 3.5 times than 50 years ago.”

Three years ago, the divorce rate was 35.6%. Highest prefecture was Kochi prefecture, 44.4%, the second highest was Hokkaido, which is further north part of Japan, 44.0%. Tokyo was 27.7% unexpectedly it was lowest in Japan.

I thought Tokyo is one of the most frustrated places in the world so the rate was highest.

As well as USA, in Japan single mother is one of problems of society. Their income is so low that mother has very hard time to raise her children.

I hope that through learning teachings of Buddhism everyone learns how to control his mind then become a person who can handle a crisis of divorce. I myself hope can do it.