What is right?

As you may probably already hear about the news of Mr. Carlos Ghosn, who is the CEO of Renault, he has been accused of the charge of tax evasion. In Japanese Laws, if you are arrested, you can be held for up to 23 days, with a possibility of extension without being formally charged with a crime. The police are allowed to begin their initial questioning before you see a lawyer.

It is the very strict law that it doesn’t matter if you are innocent or not, once you are arrested, you will be hold in a jail for up to 23 days. What a country it is!

I heard some miserable story that some foreigner who was a businessman worked for a bank was arrested in the train claimed by the misconduct against a woman. He was not worry about that because he was not doing such a thing. He thought he would be released soon. But he didn’t. He asked his company lawyer to be released as soon as possible, but he didn’t release unless he admit his charge. So he did it and he had returned his country and never come back.

In our society, we are told that when a train is packed by passengers and if you are standing next to woman, you had better to raise your hands up and hold the handrail, once you were claimed as a person who did sexual misconduct, you cannot escape from detaining and have to spend more than many days and cannot avoid charge.

Mr. Ghosn had spent already 15 days then arrested again. So he is going to a jail again. His charge is also questionable if his retirement fee that already written on paper is illegal or not.

We have to be wise not be agitated.

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