Mr. Habu, who has been a champion in the Shogi (Japanese Chess like) field for so long since he got the title twenty seven years ago. But yesterday he lost. That means he had no title this year.

Shogi’s world is very competitive from young age. Mr. Habu has started a Shogi at his age seven years old. Since then he has developed his skill then he has become a professional player in the junior high school. It was only two persons before like him to become a professional. Then he won the first title at his age seventeen. Since then he had been clinching a “King of Shogi”. Now he is forty years old it might be questionable if he can return as a person used be.

Other field like a mathematician, its peak is early. To use brain, same as sports, age is matter.

Conversely, a religious field appreciates experiences. Young doesn’t have a value unless you have so much virtue in the religious field.

Enlightenment is accumulated by daily practices and disciplines require a time and experiences.

Life is getting longer and longer especially in Japan, which is one of longest life countries in the world. An average of life length of woman is now over eighty seven years old. Soon or later it will reach to ninety.

How can we have a wonderful life in that condition? I cannot think of anything after retirement but it is coming soon. Probably we need a second life plan for the longer life age to make the life useful and enjoyable.

As I wrote, religious life is very good because age doesn’t matter, you cannot become a Shogi champion after you retired, but you can become a religious mater still you get old.

Life is short, but longer, so let us explore the truths and enjoy a life.

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