Interesting Figures

Today, the interneting figures were revealed. It was about top 200 companies that least new employees quit in three years. It means that new employees who have entered a company in 2015 have still stayed the company. Surprisingly enough, thirty two companies have marked hundred percent. That means over three years, new employees have never quit, never left that company. They have still been working in their companies. Is it amazing?

These companies are Mitsubishi Jisho, Sumitomo Real Estate, Tokyo Dome, and so on.

It doesn’t say that how many new employees have entered in each company, however, 100 percent is so high.

At that time when I had started working in some computer company, almost 1000 new employees were around, and one year later, almost half quit that company.

The reason why those companies hold employees longer than other companies is an averaged salary is very high compared to ordinary companies. Not only that reason but also I guess that these companies are very comfortable to work for employees, otherwise even a salary is high, still working conditions and human relations are not good, people tend to leave from the workplace.

Another reason we might think is recently economic numbers are getting better, but yet these are not good as we had had in bubble age at when I had started to work.

Japan is so westernized quickly in a past couple of decades, still people tend to stay in one company even among young generations.

I hope our economy gets better so that we can move more.