The End of This Year

Here is the weather forecast of the end of this year in Japan. It is relatively warmer than ordinary year but it gets cold from Christmas Eve then it becomes coldest in this year at the last days of this year. This cold weather brings a lot of snows not only Japan sea side, which is other side of Pacific Ocean but also Nagoya and Hiroshima where usually don’t have snow.

While the mainland of Japan will become cold towards the end of this year, Naha city where is in the island located very south will be continually very warm like summer up to eighty degrees until Christmas.

Christmas will become average cold temperature so the lovers get closer.

In Japan, Christmas is not the religious day, it is the day to eat a cake and exchange a gift especially for young generations. If the Christmas days are empty for spending time with someone you like, it feels so lonely. Still someone goes to church but it is very few instead we try to spend with lovers.

Nowadays so many beautiful spots are available in those days such as illumination parks lovely restaurants so on for them.

Family time in Japan is New Years days, from January first to January third, also it is very religious days to go to shrines to pray for peace and prosperity of the year. Still almost half of the Japanese people go to shrines with family and having time to have special meal with them like Americans do in the Christmas days.

Only ten days is left this year so I wish you have Merry Christmas and Happy new year!