New Year Eve

Today, we have had an announcement about members who give scores to singers in the NHK’s new year’s special program entitled “Kohaku Utagassen”, the singing battles between men and women”. This is very special program that NHK is not only the national broadcasting station in Japan, but also every new year’s eve this program has been continued for sixty seven years since 1951. Almost half of people watch this program throughout Japan. Singers are so honorable because only top singers or those who have made a big hit in that year can be elected in this program. Even such a “national program” I have never seen this singers battles.

Following this show, we have a “Yukuyoshi Kurayoshi”, the TV program farewells this year and welcomes the new year reporting local areas of Japan, instead of fireworks we have a “Joyano Kane” hitting a big bell hundred eight times yo get rid of our dust in our mind for preparing to a new year in a temple all over Japan.

It is a very custom event in our country still handed down from the past.

In a house while watching these programs we usually eat soba noodles wishing to live long like soba noodles.

It was s very special night so even children were allowed to stay until mid night. But I couldn’t wake until such a late night when I was child.

Now I am in Japan first time in more than ten years to encounter the new year eve. But I don’t have any intention to watch “Kohaku Utagassen”, but will to eat soba noodle.