SELF-REFLECTION from “The Principle of Self-Reflection”


The third principle is the Principle of Self-Reflection. I have found that, for the most part, Christian doctrines do not offer in-depth teaching about self-reflection. Catholic churches offer confessionals, where you have a chance to confess your sins and seek God’s forgiveness. By contrast, I teach that we have the ability within ourselves to reflect on our thoughts and deeds. I teach that we have the power to determine on our own whether our thoughts and deeds are proper or wrong in light of the Truths.

The purpose of this practice of self-reflection is not simply to condemn yourself about every mistake and error you’ve made. The true purpose of self-reflection is the attainment of happiness. By this, I mean that everything you experience in life, including all the thoughts you’ve ever had and all the things you have ever done, are recorded in your mind.

When you leave this world and travel to the other world, your life will be shown to you much like a film in a movie theater. Many of your close family members and friends will be watching the film with you. Your mentors, parents, friends, and former teachers will come to watch this film about your life, condensed into about an hour or two. They will view this movie with you to help you determine the success of your life, or the lack thereof. When you finish watching your life movie, you will be able to judge for yourself. Observing the reactions of the rest of the audience will also help you judge whether your life was right or wrong, a success or a failure. You will then choose for yourself whether you will go to Heaven or Hell. You will choose the course that is most appropriate for you.

There are many paths in Heaven, but there are many paths in Hell as well. You will go to the place that offers the soul training that is right for you. For example, those who kill, hurt, and cause many people harm will need to take the path of self-reflection in the next life. They will go to a realm where others like them exist. They will find themselves living with others who, for example, shot and killed many people. As they live amongst such people, they will begin to see their own reflections within others, as if they were looking into a mirror. They will look at other people who are just like them and begin to see the ugliness within them reflected back.